Rottweiler: standard of breed

Origins and history
Many people believe the Rottweiler to be descended from a mastiff type dog which the Romans used when they conquered Europe. The Romans used these dogs primarily for herding the cattle and sheep needed as food for their armies. The modern breed of Rottweiler is believed to have been developed in Germany in a district known as Rottweil, hence the name Rottweiler. The Germans used these dogs as herd dogs for their farming animals. Currently they are frequently used as guard and police animals. Some people have trained these fine animals to be hostile and many sad stories have resulted from these situations. However, a Rottweiler which has been properly trained, will be as gentle as any other breed of dog.

Size and Appearance of the Rottweiler
Rottweilers, range from about 22" to as much as 27" in shoulder height. They may weigh as little as 85 Lb. but they an weigh as much as 120 Lb. and occasionally slightly more than 120 Lb. They are considered a "very large" dog, and they can be very bulky in size. The Rottweiler is classed as a "working" breed by the American Kennel Club. Rottweilers generally live 7 to 10 years, but 12 to 13 years of age are occasionally seen in this breed. Hip displasia and other disorders are often seen, especially in purebred dogs from unscrupulous breeders.

Rottweiler Temperament
These dogs have very calm dispositions which make them quite suitable for companion animals and for family protection. Although the Rottweiler at one time was the most popular dog in the United States, it is now the second or third most popular dog as a pet. The Rottweiler is a very intelligent dog with a strong desire to please it's master. Rottweilers crave attention, they are very loyal, and devoted. If they sense that their family is in eminent danger, they will defend their family just as any other dog would do. As with any other large dog, the Rottweiler requires a dominant master who is familiar with handling large dogs. Any dog, which is not properly trained, can and may challenge the authority of their handler. Rottweilers generally are good around other animals. Most Rottweilers accept cats and other small animals as part of the family when raised from a puppy with those animals.

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