Rottweiler Breeding Tesori Etruschi

The “Tesori Etruschi “ Rottweiler dog farm is situated in the locality of Pratolino, near Vaglia, at an altitude of about 400 metres above sea level, adjacent to the centuries-old park of Villa Demidoff overlooking Fiesole and Florence.

Love of this splendid breed has led me to create all of the facilities required to practice what has become my profession, with maximum attention to some basic priorities. Such as the wellbeing of the animals, hygiene and respect for environmental provisions requiring the new facilities to be inserted according to aesthetic principles in harmony with the surrounding landscape, of which the farm is a part. And has been since 1400.

The breeding farm is constantly growing and evolving, and we have already programmed projects that will introduce improvements designed to keep us always in the forefront in the world of dog raising and training.

Our first dogs were Benito and Mara, known as Rachele. The first litter, superior beyond all expectations, produced:

  • Attila, Italian Beauty Champion and Champion Sire;
  • Althea, Champion Brood Bitch;
  • Astro and Akel, judged excellent in show as well as free of dysplasia (HDA).

Two new subjects then made their appearance , Hasquia and Loko by Antico Guerriero. Both of them became Italian Beauty Champions and Champion Parents, both have ZTP and SCH approval, sired by the German Super Champion Doc Von Der Teufelsbrucke.
Still later, some of the best German bloodlines were introduced, through repeatedly mating with the finest subjects in Germany. Including Ivan Genesis II, an excellent Sire imported from Russia, of the Jeneck’s blood line ( American ) that has made an outstanding contribution to the breed farm, producing particularly fine subjects, among them Ivan Dei Tesori Etruschi, who in addition to being Italian Beauty Champion has in his curriculum Best Italian ZTP , Best German BH , Best German ZTP, and has recently been the star of a great Korung in Germany, which constitutes a historic result for our breed : FIRST DOG OF ITALIAN AFFIX ( Dei Tesori Etruschi) to overcome this trial. Moreover, he is a dog born, raised and TRAINED in Italy, which makes his performance even more significant. This has aroused the interest of the best German professionals, who have frequently tended to undervalue the level of subjects not born in Germany (which was usually correct) …. And as if this were not enough, Ivan has also appeared as an actor in the film “ Natale in Crociera “ (Christmas cruise). Along with Dolceegabbana Dei Tesori Etruschi in the roles of “Titti and Silvestro” and in the TV fiction “ This is my Land”, and is the sire of Sidney Dei Tesori Etruschi, who is Champion Italian , International, Monaco ,Italian Social 2010 and 2011 TOP DOG RCI 2010.

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